McCulloch One Name Study

James Murray McCulloch + Christian Robison

13 children
Agnes Mcculloch
Birth: 6 August 1804 36 24Anwoth, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
Death: 8 July 1854Anwoth, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
David McCulloch
Birth: 27 June 1806 38 26Ardwall
Death: David was in the midst of preparations for his retirement from India and return home, when he was suddenly taken ill and died on 20 September 1858. He was buried in the Scottish Cemetery in Bombay.20 September 1858Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Walter McCulloch
Birth: 21 November 1807 39 27Ardwall
Death: In February 1892 he had a bad fall: when recovering from it he got a chill followed by bronchitis, and on 25 March he passed peacefully away in his eighty fifth year.25 March 1892Ardwall
Edward McCulloch
Birth: 30 July 1810 42 30
Death: The last of the three who were carried away within three weeks of each other in the summer of 1816 by an epidemic, it is said, of diphtheria. The other two were his sisters, Janet and Christina, and all three are buried in St. Cuthbert’s Kirkyard in Edinbu10 July 1816Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
James Robison McCulloch
Birth: 20 June 1812 44 32
Death: James did not survive long and his brief but hectic career came to an end at Kingston on 18 November 1840 when he died of yellow fever.18 November 1840Kingston, Jamaica
Edward McCulloch
Birth: 27 March 1821 52 41
Death: 16 January 1864Anwoth, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

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Marriage 19 September 1803