McCulloch One Name Study

William McCulloch of RandalstonAge: 77 years16051682

William McCulloch of Randalston
Birth 1605 20 20
Birth of a son
Henry McCulloch of Fewhogue

Birth of a son
James McCulloch Of Grogan

Death of a paternal grandmotherLady Marie McCulloch of Cardiness
1616 (Age 11 years)
Death of a motherLady Janet Kennedy
1623 (Age 18 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherSir William McCulloch of Myretoun II
1626 (Age 21 years)
Death of a fatherAlexander McCulloch of Myretoun II
September 11, 1642 (Age 37 years)
Alexander died in 1643 and he was succeeded by his eldest son, William. The family had been helped in Ireland by the O’Neills of Clandeboye who gave them land in the barony of Toome in Co Antrim, the area immediately north of Lough Neagh.
1643 (Age 38 years)

William can be seen in the area in the 1653 List of Presbyterian landowners to be removed from Ulster, and William MaColloch (gent) is named as a titulado in the 1659/60 Census of Ireland. Also in Hearth Rolls in Fighog (now Feehogue) in 1666 and 1669.
1653 (Age 48 years)

William McCulloch, of Randelstown died in 1682. A transcript of his will and grant were recorded in the Prerogative Court, Will Book F, 381b. The will was dated 6 Dec 1681, and probated 8 Apr 1682Public Record Office of Northern Ireland ref D1118/3/7/1
December 6, 1681 (Age 76 years)

Death 1682 (Age 77 years)
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Alexander McCulloch of Myretoun II
Birth: Alexander was a baronet, but not a knight and therefore he did not use the honorific “Sir.”1585 32 23Myreton, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Death: September 11, 1642Antrim, Northern Ireland
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