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Lady Janet Kennedy Age: 38 years15851623

Lady Janet Kennedy
Birth 1585
Birth of a son
William McCulloch of Randalston
1605 (Age 20 years)
Death 1623 (Age 38 years)
1666 Roll has Jennett McCullogh, probably William’s mother Janet Kennedy. She does not feature in 1669 which suggest she died in the intervening period. In 1669 there are John McColloghs at both Feehogue and Grogan, possibly a brother and a cousin.
1666 (43 years after death)

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Alexander McCulloch of Myretoun II
Birth: Alexander was a baronet, but not a knight and therefore he did not use the honorific “Sir.”1585 32 23Myreton, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Death: September 11, 1642Antrim, Northern Ireland