McCulloch One Name Study

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Interactive tree of William McCulloch

Margaret McCulloch
Charles Herris
James Bell 16781756
Marion McCulloch
James Bell
William McClellan 1730
Agnes McCulloch 1695
William McClellan 1694
John McCulloch
James McCulloch 1743
Wilhelmina Gordon
Isabel Gordon
Jean Gordon
Marion Gordon 1839
William Kirkpatrick 1778
Alexander Herries Maxwell
Sir Alexander Gordon 17471830
Grace Dalrymple
David Gordon 17501772
Robert Gordon 17731831
Isabel Mcculloch 1718
William Gordon
Elizabeth Mcculloch 1750
James Dewar
Mary Mcculloch 1806
Jean Mcculloch
Henry Mcculloch 1764
William Mcculloch 1777
John Mcculloch 1740
Jessie Macfarlane
Nicholson 1778
John McCulloch IV of Barholm 1778
Elizabeth Cutler
David McCulloch 1759
Euphemie Brown 1763
Jean McCulloch 16911723
James McCulloch
Isobel McCulloch 17371756
Catherine Gordon 1845
Walter Irvine
Grace Gordon
David Alexander Maitland
Alexander Gordon
William Gordon 17721823
Charlotte Dalrymple
Elizabeth McCulloch 1738
Alexander Gordon 17341799
Agnes “Nancy” McCulloch 17631840
John McCulloch
George McCulloch
Edward McCulloch 17641796
Penelope McCulloch 17651794
Johnston Hannay 1801
Robert McCulloch 17671772
James Murray McCulloch 17681857
Christian Robison 17801853
David McCulloch 17691825
Ross McCulloch 17701771
Alexander McCulloch 17721843
Robert McCulloch 1775
Elizabeth McCulloch 17761848
Thomas Scott 1823
David McCulloch 2nd of Ardwall 17401794
Janet Corsane 1741
William McCulloch of Ardwall 17461756
Robert McCulloch of Ardwall 17481758
Janet McCulloch 17491829
Edward McCulloch 1st of Ardwall 17051756
Janet McCulloch of Kirkclaugh 17121773
John Kirkpatrick 1781
Isobel Kirkpatrick 1797
Grissell Rae
John Kirkpatrick
Jane Rae 1770
Edward Rae
Sarah Lawrence
Margaret McCulloch
William Rae
Isobel Muir 1738
Agnes McCulloch
John Muir 1729
Isobel McCulloch
William Crichton
Robert McCulloch 1745
Jean Gibs
William McCulloch
John McCulloch 17731835
Louisa Margaretta White
James McCulloch
Elizabeth Clancy
James McCulloch 17471827
Elizabeth De Lisle
John McCulloch 17041784
Agnes Boyd
Frances McCulloch
Lucia McCulloch
Peter McCulloch
Robert McCulloch 1749
Charity Stevens
Captain James McCulloch 16961782
Henry McCulloch
Elizabeth McCulloch
Mary Isabella McCulloch
John Mcdowell
Patrick McCulloch 1780
Ebenezer McCulloch 17161787
Penelope Mcdowell 1774
Isobel Hairstaines
William McCulloch
David McCulloch 1st of Ardwall 16501724
Isobel Maxwell 1710
Elizabeth Veitch 16641731
William McCulloch 1687
William McCulloch 1682
Isobel Crawford 1675
Thomas McCulloch 1638
Agnes Geddes 1645
William McCulloch 15671600
Margaret Muir
Alexander McCulloch 15361580
David McCulloch
Alexander Muir
Jean Hannay
Duncan Crawford 1623
Agnes McCulloch of Myretoun II 15861645
Sir William McCulloch of Myretoun II 15531626
Lady Marie McCulloch of Cardiness 15621616
Lady Elizabeth Dunbar 15601584
Sir Symon McCulloch of Myretoun II 15051584
Lady Marion Gordon of Craichlaw 15201553
Henry McCulloch 14701561
Margaret McCulloch
William Gordon
Janet Baillie
Thomas McCulloch 1570
Katharine Gordon
Alexander McCulloch 15101548
Elizabeth McClellane
James Gordon
Sir John Dunbar
Elizabeth Muir