McCulloch One Name Study

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Interactive tree of Charles Herris

Charles Herris
Margaret McCulloch
William McCulloch 1682
Isobel Crawford 1675
Thomas McCulloch 1638
Agnes Geddes 1645
William McCulloch 15671600
Margaret Muir
Alexander McCulloch 15361580
Alexander Muir
Jean Hannay
Duncan Crawford 1623
Agnes McCulloch of Myretoun II 15861645
Sir William McCulloch of Myretoun II 15531626
Lady Marie McCulloch of Cardiness 15621616
Lady Elizabeth Dunbar 15601584
Sir Symon McCulloch of Myretoun II 15051584
Lady Marion Gordon of Craichlaw 15201553
Thomas McCulloch 1570
Katharine Gordon
Sir John Dunbar
Elizabeth Muir